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When we think about spring, colour, sunny days and plenty of vitality come into our minds. As in everything we do, inspiration comes from our experiences and the wonderful things we find wherever we go.
 That is why when I thought of bringing spring to Imaginable Home, I just named it: Seville!

I keep lovely memories of the occasions I have enjoyed its streets and its people, and they are all bathed in sunshine, fruit trees, art, guitar chords and positive vibes.

The table is served. Are you coming to enjoy our brunch?


Owner & Curator


It’s important to put soundtrack to our moments, especially those that are created to enjoy. So you can get even closer to the Andalusian spirit, enjoy this playlist while eating your tapas in great company.

Or even play it now if you like!


The key pieces of this collection are tableware pieces made of mango wood, with a smooth finish and lemons and olives design. Ideal plates for serving tapas, wooden boxes for various uses, and great ladles for both cooking and stirring your homemade rebujito. Another protagonists are the 100% natural fiber rugs. Handpainted art, colorful vases and much more, that will bring that warm and southern touch to your home.

Seville April Fair

We talk to Ángeles Verano, local fashion designer.

What is it about the fair that gives off so much magic even for those of us who see it from the outside?

It’s an event recognized worldwide, the star event by excellence in Spain. It is a grand spectacle, the whole city changes and comes to a standstill.

The Sevillian lives in a very special way all its folklore, but the fair is the event par excellence. The light, the joy, the colour and the aroma of the city, makes it a special moment: it’s like Seville opens its heart to the whole world.

Everyone is eager to share, to welcome their friends in their stands (casetas in Spanish) and to enjoy moments together. The Andalusian woman lives 100% her fair week, she changes her dress every day and looking for her dress and accessories is a true ritual.

I think it’s something that everyone, at least once in their life, should know about.

Ángeles Verano

Flamenco Fashion Designer

An essential recipe

Prepare your own authentic “Rebujito”, the typical drink of Seville April Fair

It’s very easy. The important thing are the ingredients. To make a good rebujito we must use a good wine. Put in a jar:

– An ice base
– One third of Manzanilla de Sánlucar – And
– Two thirds of Seven Up soda

Mix it, and it is essential to add peppermint too. Ready!

Serve and drink. With moderation, because the hangover causes a lot headache.

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