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Happy Homes

We all know as well as you do that a house is not the same as a home. And to switch from the first to the second, you have to capture the personality of those who live in it. Don’t you feel more comfortable when the atmosphere of a place goes with your style?

We are here to help you create your cozy and unique home, where you can enjoy even more the magic of the daily life and share moments with the people you love.

That’s why we never stop searching for new original items for our collections.

In Imaginable Home’s journey since 2017 we’ve accomplished some great things. We’ve talked on the radio about Nordic style, and today we are one of the few online stores that distributes everything from locally handcrafted pieces, to Crosley brand turntables.

Meet Victor

I might have been a little over a meter tall when I loved to get lost in the fake halls of the furniture stores, I was obsessed with Christmas decorations and I didn’t stop observing and drawing all the details that I was finding around me.

A few years ago, when I had the opportunity to live in Amsterdam, life confirmed me once again that dreams come true; and reminded me that the day-to-day becomes magical when you devote more love and time into it.

I created Imaginable Home with the aim of sharing my passion for interior design with people like you; to continue creating happy homes. Together.

One good friend told me once:

«I learned from your strong intention to achieve your dreams no matter how distant or imaginary they may seem. You convey the idea that one’s life is self-made, whether traditional or biography-worthy.»

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